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Hi visitor, im lgkid here on the internet. (alternative nickname: lg) I create youtube videos and notitg modfiles as a hobby. I am intrested in funamusea, beatmania, dance dance revolution, diary of a wimpy kid, etc. I also love punk rock.

I am the creator of the "Life's Good Course" or "LGC", a set of 4 notitg modfiles with sometimes "bonuses" for NotITG. The Life's Good Course first started out as a passion project inspired by early .crs marathons, WinDEU to be exact, as well as Bozo's style of modding and charting, but when I discovered and learned "the Mirin template" and started to impliment more mods into the LGC's since Life's Good 5, it went harder on the oldskool mods as well as adding new mods into play. "It Doesn't Matter" was the first LGC song to ever implement LUA, and LGC5-8 has ever since implemented LUA that way.

Please check out my "Talk To Me" page. My Youtube is old and has been up ever since I discovered the internet, I used to have a channel in 2021 also named "lgkid", which birthed the lgkid alias, but had been unfourtantely terminated for "hate speech" at two thousand subscribers. (Susan Wojcicki is a FUCKING WHORE!) I have a small Discord server. Also seen on Heyuri which is really unactive. I also have a Twitter, but only really to meet my friends. After all, I am quite weird, but cool.

The games I played (and stil have high intrest in) are on this list: Call Of Duty World At War, Yume Nikki, Fortnite, Doom (1993), Touhou Project, Flash Flash Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution, etc.

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After qutting the "jenyjanik" and "Unreal Redo" nicknames online in early 2021, I started being active on Heyuri, mainly the /sw/ board, under the name "lg". It was not until July 1st, 2021 that I had created the "lgkid" channel on youtube, which I started to gain over 2000 subscribers, as well as 3 million views overall. I also started being a prominent member in the susctopus discord server in early 2022, being one of Susctopus's friends. It wasn't until May 12, 2022 that the lgkid channel had been TERMINATED for extreme violations of the Youtube TOS by "hate speech", though it was just "packing" and "micing up" on fortnite. Shortly after, I revamped my oldest channel to lgkid, because of the termination. I never really got my channel back, but my loyals on discord, luckily, didn't go down with the ship. I also created a twitter account at the time of my termination, which made me more known, as well as taking part in the "Funamutals" group (set of members partaking in okegom related stuff).

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