1/20/2022 Site creation date.

3/22/2022 Added Changelog.

3/22/2022 Changed background to darker tone to make text easier to read.

3/22/2022 Added rainbow lines.

3/22/2022 Edited wip.html and notfound.html.

3/22/2022 Edited all pages' fonts to MS Gothic (oh yes.).

4/4/2022 Added KMFDM Gif page.

4/4/2022 Added LGC2 download link.

4/11/2022 Added Site Ratings page.

4/13/2022 Added new Chatroom (discord) page.

4/25/2022 Added Newest Videos page.

4/26/2022 Added KMFDM - Liebeslied as main page audio. >:)

4/26/2022 Changed my mind, and main page audio as Chemical Brothers - Song To The Siren as would be more fitting.

5/11/2022 For those veterans of this website (absolutely zero), I created a old layout option that recreates the site's look in the launch date of: January 20, 2022.

5/12/2022 Today is a very sad day for lgkid fans. My channel had got terminated because youtube was being offended due to the "hate speech" that was just fortnite trash talking.

6/25/2022 I hope you are having a great summer. I just changed the art gallery so it redirects to my pixiv account.

7/19/2022 Stole some fucking code. For a navigation bar at the top of my screen haha.

7/21/2022 Never fucking mind it looked ugly.

8/24/2022 Added a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Fanfic Archive.

9/24/2022 Changed the site background to a susctopus/dillabyte-esque style.

11/12/2022 I removed StrangeWorld@Kita, because the site is suspended from 000webhost's services.

11/14/2022 "Cleaned" and organized the site internally. I also deleted "Art Gallery" because you can find more of my shit on my twit. I also renamed the DAWOK fanfic archive to "Random Bullshit", bullshit that ill just dump.

11/22/2022 I changed the guestbook to look more like the website, this is where I actually say the website is at a completed state!

12/1/2022 New winter logo.

1/4/2023 Happy new years! I changed the site's look!